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The trucks are sold in sets of 2, so the prices shown are for a pair of trucks!

In the 1950s, the function of trucks was provided by roller skates, sawn in half, to be attached to a wooden rail (2X4). It was not until the mid-60s to see the birth of the first skate truck: the Chicago. In 1975, "Tracker trucks" broke new ground by creating a larger truck, made of aluminum, armed with a triangular hanger, an inverted axle and a 4-hole base. The modern skateboard truck was born. In 1978, on May 23, in Newark, California, Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson launched the "Independent" Stage 1 truck . The INDEPENDENT truck was created to respond to the lack of quality of trucks then available on the market. . As Rick Blackart (the brand's first Team rider) explains so well: “one breaks, the other does not turn”, talking about the Bennett and Tracker trucks respectively. The success is immediate and INDEPENDENT has since been THE benchmark in skateboard trucks.


Stage 1 will be followed by Stage 2 and the INDEPENDENT truck will not stop evolving over the years to meet the needs of riders. INDEPENDENT today offers the most complete range on the market with 7 different truck sizes to adapt to all models of boards on the market. Because this is the essential element for choosing the right trucks: the size! And yes ! Size matters! To get the most out of your skateboard, the width of your trucks must be adapted to the width of your board. Here is a small table that will allow you to easily find your way and choose the model of INDEPENDENT trucks in line with the size of board you like to ride.

Board widht :
6' à 7' 109 00    
7' à 7.4' 109 11   7.13
7.4' à 7.75' 129 145 5.0 22 / 02 5.0 7.63
7.75' à 8.1' 139 147 5.25 33 / 03 5.25 8.0
8.1' à 8.3' 144 148 5.6 44 5.5 8.38
8.3' à 8.7' 149 149 5.8 44 5.75 8.75
8.7' à 9.0' 159 151 6.1 55    
9.0' à 9.6' 159/169 66    
9.6' et + 215*

* depending on use: handling (169) / longboard (215)

There are two types of truck heights: “HI” (high) and “LOW” (low). Trucks are the most repairable and customizable item on a Skateboard. You can, for example, change the nuts on the hanger axle, change the KingPin if it breaks or replace the gums with different hardnesses to obtain a more or less “loose” truck. By default, all INDEPENDENT trucks are fitted with 94A (medium) hardness bushings.

Truck Low Truck Hi (top)

Size chart: Independent Trucks, Thunder Trucks, Venture Trucks and Ace Trucks

Trucks Size Chart

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