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Griptapes, screws, bearings, accessories, rubber, pads, tools, wax, rails, Shoe Goo ... all the accessories to complete and improve your skateboard!

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Griptapes, screws, bearings, accessories, rubber, pads, tools, wax, rails, Shoe Goo ... all the accessories to complete and improve your skateboard!

The skateboard grip is the essential non-slip to cover the upper part of the board. It is very easy to install with a little practice. There are many brands of grip, with or without graphics ...

There are two types of screws, cruciform (+) and allen (0), it's a matter of taste, no difference in quality. There are several sizes of screws. 7/8: just the right size to screw the trucks onto the board. 1 ': long enough to put pads. 1'1 / 4: to put two sets of pads if you really have big wheels 1'1 / 2: this is really for big pad, see also longboard. In general, 1 'is used which are the most versatile screws.

The precision of skate bearings can be defined by the Abec standard with a scale of 1 to 9. The higher the number, the faster the bearings go, but without compromising on strength. Unfortunately, the shocks from the different tricks significantly weaken the ride, and immediately lead to its failure. This is why an Abec 7 bearing only has the advantage of rolling faster than the Abec 3, but in no way ensures better resistance to shocks. In all cases, to keep your bearings as long as possible, do not ride in water, avoid sand, and from time to time give them a cleaning with a rag and a drop of Speed Cream or oil. sewing machine.

Oil, cleaning kit, tool, spacers, spacers, speed washers, everything you need to maintain your ball bearings, increase their life and make them even faster.

There are several hardnesses of rubber for skateboard trucks: soft, medium and hard. The trucks are originally mounted with medium gums. If you ride very tight, replacing your tires with hard ones is a good calculation, so you will get the setting you want without crushing your tires and damaging the threads of your King Pin. Likewise, if you ride really loose, go for soft gums.

There are two types of skateboard pads: hard and soft. In both cases, the pads enhance the skateboard and avoid the “wheel bite” (when landing, the wheel touches the board, automatically braking the skate). The hard pads are used only as booster, and the soft ones are also vibration absorbers.

Essential to assemble, disassemble, repair your board. In one tool you have everything you need: Allen wrench, Phillips head and 10 mm wrench for the screws, 13 mm wrench for the wheel bolts and 14 mm wrench for the King Pin.

Axle bolts, wheel bolts, speed washers, king pins ... enough to maintain and repair your trucks

The wax is used to lubricate a curb when it does not grind at all or that it does not slide enough. The wax can also be applied on the tail or the nose! Do not use over a perfect marble coping or curb. Be careful its use must remain punctual, very often, if it does not creak, it is enough to take more momentum!

An essential accessory from the 80's, the rails are back! These little plastic rods have several functions: facilitate boardslides, facilitate grabs, and incidentally protect the graphics of your favorite board. A pair of rails will perfectly complete your old school skateboard or allow new tricks to the off-road streeter that you are!

Shoe Goo is a glue used to repair excessively worn shoes or to anticipate premature wear ... Shoe Goo repair glue is transparent or black, effective on leather, rubber, vinyl and canvas. It can also be used as household glue to repair a lot of things!

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