Loser Machine

Loser Machine


Loser Machine Company founding member Adrian Lopez (pro rider for ZERO Skateboards, then MYSTERY) identified the correlation between the world of biking and skateboarding in his personal life in the early 2000s. Soon after "Loser Machine "became a code in Adrian's inner circle to define all" vehicles "leading to travel, whether physical or creative. Whether it's a skateboard, a tattoo machine, a motorcycle, a low rider or a hot rod. Adrian and his friends see their passions as an end in themselves.

At a time when the majors of the sports industry wanted to get their hands on the skateboarding, street league and skateboarding industry at the Olympics, Adrian realized that he no longer found his place in this new order. global.

In 2008 he therefore created Loser Machine Company for all underdogs, misfits, outcasts and weirdos.

And you ?

"Whats your MACHINE?"

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